About Us

With over a decade of wide-ranging photo experience backing her up, TIGERTIGER founder and lead photographer Kirsty Harkness manages to pack more life into an average week than most people do in a year, and it’s that energy that makes her and her team the first choice for so many photo projects – from magazines and events to portraits and commercial work. Surrounded by a great team of pros, Kirsty has grown TIGERTIGER to embrace the idea of photography as fun and easy, always resulting in world-class images at the end of the process.

Kirsty Harkness

Known as one of New Zealand’s most vibrant “people shooters,” Kirsty has a remarkable ability to capture the natural passion and flair of her subjects in an effortless, fun way!

Kirsty has a passion for quality wine, and also loves escaping the office to socialise with friends or for a spot of fishing.


With an exceptional eye for detail, Katie specialises in both fashion photography and food photography – producing images that that show off the very best of our products.

Besides her handsome man, Katies other love is her cute dog Bonnie. Everyone who meets her tries to steal her home – Bonnie that is.